Why Should I Plan Ahead

 The death of a loved one is a family and community event. The goal of planning ahead is to ensure that the needs of those who survive will be met, that they will be cared for, and that all decisions will foster a healthy grieving experience. 

Benefits of planning now

·       Protect Your Family – Prepare a plan to protect your family from a financial burden

·       Give Yourself Opportunity – give yourself the opportunity to express your wishes and leave a final message

·       Cost Guaranteed – Protects you from inflation because your funeral is paid out of pocket at today’s prices. Guarantee applies to services and                 merchandise only; however, growth is applied to the entire account including cash advance portion.

·       Payment Plan Options – Now any family can afford to have the dignified services they desire with custom tailored payment plans to fit any family’s    budget.

·       Guaranteed Issue – Program benefits are available for everyone regardless of age (up to 99 years) or health history (may limit some initial benefits on pay plans).

·       Transferable – Moving is no problem. The funds you have set aside for your funeral are transferable, and for your added protection - paid to the funeral home that renders services at the time of need.

·       Travel Plan Protection – Travel worldwide with lifelong protection and peace of mind for a single payment. You will be Return Assured if death should occur while over 100 miles from your residence.

·       Guaranteed Coverage for Early Death – “What happens if I die while making payments?” Our pre-planning program provides coverage that will pay off your funeral if death happens during the payment plan period.

·       Excess Funds Returned – When the account has grown more than what is needed for the funeral, the remaining excess funds after the funeral has been paid for will be returned to your estate or a named beneficiary (unless Medicaid protected).

Ready to get started?

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