Grief Support Resources

Loss, tragedy and unexpected change are part of our human experience that no one truly escapes. 
And those who have found their way back to lives truly worth living have made intentional choices to get them there.

Grief Support Resources


There are local agencies who conduct groups to assist people in their grief journey.  The following list provides contact information for these agencies, either listing a website or phone number to contact for the most updated schedule and location of group meetings.

The Compassionate Friends  

For parents who have lost a child

Toll Free 877.969.0010  |

Corinths Shelter Program

To provide young people (3rd-12th grade), who have experienced the death of a loved one.

616.877.4652 Ext. 126 | 

Faith Hospice

Support groups, Individual/family counseling 

616.235.5100  |

Gilda’s Club                                                                            

For children & adults who have experienced a death

1.800.326.1419  |

Grief Share Support Groups

Seminars and support groups led by people who understand grief

1.800.395.5755  |

Hospice of Michigan

For anyone adjusting to loss

616.356.5258 or 888.247.5701  |                                                                  

Spectrum Health Hospice                                                      

Support & educational groups for anyone who has lost a loved one

616.391.4200  |

Starlight Ministries                                                                 

A Christian ministry for grieving families 

616.662.1999  |

Tomorrow’s Child

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Grief support resource

1.800.331.7437  |

West Michigan Survivors of Suicide

Support for those who have experienced the suicide of a loved one

616.957.3466  |

Widowed Persons Service

Group meetings, seminars and social activities

616.538.0101  |